Monday, July 14, 2008

Pictures from Ecuador

Just a little over 48 hours ago, I arrived home with a team from our church. We had spent the past two weeks in the great country of Ecuador. We had the privilege of working on the one and only Assemblies of God campgrounds in Ecuador. We worked hard, but it was so rewarding. I will tell you more about it in the days to come, but today I would like to share some pictures with you:

My fifteen year old son, Jordan, excited about flying from Miami to Ecuador:

An Iguana at a park close to our hotel:

Fighting RAZORBACKS (notice my Arkansas State shirt. Sorry fellow Razorback fans)

House/store outside of Ayangue, Ecuador:

A view from our Hotel out over the Pacific Ocean:

This is my son Jordan laying tile. He and I laid tile together the entire trip. Wonderful memories…

A float in a parade at Montanita, Ecuador:

My wife and I on a boat preparing for whale watching:

A beautiful sunset view from our hotel:

Me preaching with an interpreter, who is Missionary Phil Barbers Administrative Assistant, Sandra. A great lady!

One of the loving children of Ecuador:

I took this picture at just the right moment. A whale leaping out of the water:

I will share more tomorrow! Blessings.

Pastor Rusty

2 comments: said...

Great pictures, Momma Scotta

Anonymous said...

I was glad you wore the A-State shirt until I though about it. That was a WORK SHIRT!!!! I will come over and rescue it before it becomes a cleaning rag or something. Before long you will have the sleeves cut off mowing the yard in it. Shame on you. Jeremy