Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Focusing on the Giver and not the gift


Judges 8:27 "Gideon made a sacred ephod from the gold and put it in Ophrah, his hometown. But soon all the Israelites prostituted themselves by worshiping it, and it became a trap for Gideon and his family."


Gideon was asked to be the ruler over the Israelites and he refused saying that the Lord would rule over them. He asked everyone to bring gold to him. Gideon made an ephod but before long, the Israelites began to worship the ephod.

Those who were very wealthy put ornaments on their camels as a way of displaying their riches. Women wore vast amounts of jewelry as well, often up to 15 pairs of earrings. Jewelry was also worn for good luck. After Gideon's rise to power, he seems to have become carried away with this accumulation of wealth. Eventually it led the Israelites to idolatry.

An ephod was a linen garment worn by priests over their chests. It was considered holy (Exodus 28:6-35; Exodus 39:2-24; Leviticus 8:7-8). Gideon probably had good motives for making the ephod (a visible remembrance commemorating the victory). Unfortunately, the people began to worship the ephod as an idol. Sadly, many decisions that stem from good motives produce negative results. Perhaps no one stops to ask, "What might go wrong?" or "Is there a possibility of negative consequences?" In your plans and decisions, take time to anticipate how a good idea might lead to a potential problem.


It is so easy to began to think more of the blessings from God and rarely think of the God from whom the blessing flows. what if Dorinda celebrated the wedding band I gave her but never talked about me, her husband, the one who gave her the ring? I am thankful for the blessings but I must always remember the One who blessed me. Worship the Giver not the gift. The Healer not the healing. The Savior not salvation. The Restorer not restoration. The Deliverer not deliverance. The Joy giver not joy. The Prince of peace not the peace. The Reconciler not renconciliation. The Baptisizer not the baptism. The Lover not love. The Life giver not life. The Rescuer not the rescue. The Conqueror not the conquer. The Forgiver not forgiveness. The Supplier not the supply. The Commander not the commands. The Soon coming King not the second coming. 

"Help me Jesus to always worship You and not the things You bless me with.  To stay focused on the GIVER and not the GIFT. In Jesus' name, amen"


Reuben said...

Enjoyed this... very true and a needed reminder for us all.