Thursday, August 15, 2013

Great faith!

DAILY: Matthew 15:21-28 tells the story of the Canaanite lady who brought her daughter to Jesus for healing. Three things happen that could have caused her to be offended and move on from Jesus. And if she had of, her daughter would have missed out on the miracle of healing and deliverance. First of all, when the lady brought the need to Jesus, He remained silent (v. 23). Have you ever been there? You cry out to God for your need, but it seems your prayers are getting no where. Or, you believed for healing, but the person you were praying for died, and it left you with questions of why was heaven silent? Secondly, the disciples tried to run her off. Has the church ever let you down? Hurt you, left you wounded, or didn't seem to care for you in your time of pain and despair? Are you offended from it? Thirdly, Jesus' Words were tough to take. He answered the lady with the following, "It is not right to take the children’s bread and toss it to the dogs.” Has the Word of God ever offended you? This Canaanite lady refused to be offended by the silence of God, the hurt from the church, or the Words from God that she didn't understand completely. She declared, "even the dogs eat the crumbs from the masters table." Jesus declared that He hadn't seen such great faith as hers, and her daughter was healed. I believe that great faith, is a faith in God that refuses to be offended at the ways and Words of God. That refuses to equate God with His people. That simply moves on and forward, trusting and following Jesus! This lady would have missed a miracle if she had left offended.  And it would have affected the next generation...her daughter. "Lord help us to remember that our offense can, and very likely will, affect our children and grandchildren." Make up your mind today not to "throw off this confidence in God and HIs Word!" Blessings!