Monday, August 20, 2007

Back to School

Summer is officially over at the Blann home! Today dawned a new day and a new season as sleepy eyed teens and tweens drug themselves out of bed much earlier than their summer routine. Today is the first day of school! Some may approach it with excitement, trepidation, or even fear. But ready or not, it is here. My prayer is that all of our children are safe in the physical, spiritual and emotional realms

As we drove past the army of other parents dropping off their children for the first day of school, I was reminded of a prayer strategy a friend of mine, Cecil Culbreth, designed for Christians to pray for our schools. It is called the Prayer Zone Partner strategy. It is explained in detail at (The Assembly of God Youth Alive website.)

Basically, the strategy is this, when you drive by a school, you pray for it - the students, the administrators, the educators, etc. On the website listed above, there are even scriptures to pray over a school.

My heart's prayer today is this, let's make a commitment to pray for all of the schools in our county. If you don't have a school in your daily commute then ask God to lay a particular one on your heart. Make it part of your drive each day and pray for that school.

Prayer changes things. Prayer changes lives. Prayer changes destinies. Prayer will change our schools!

Rejoicing and spinning in this wonderful day,

Pastor Rusty