Friday, August 10, 2007

Final Election Results

After many hours (it seems) of sitting in convention center seats, all offices are filled and all but 2 resolutions passed.

I will recap the major elections:

General Superintendent: George O. Wood (former General Secretary)
Assistant Superintendent: Alton Garrison (former U.S. Mission Director)
General Secretary: John Palmer (Iowa)
World Missions Director: John Bueno (re-elected)
US Missions Director: Zollie Smith, Jr. (New Jersey)

Please log on to to view all the resolutions and elections.

Fine Arts News

Wow! I wish you could all be here to see our youth - they have made us proud!
Samantha and Amber (Samber) received a Superior with Honors.
Samantha made it to Round 2 of the female vocal solo.
Jason Peninger received a superior for his percussion solo.
Jasper - Jason, Amber and Christian received a Superior with Honors on their collaborative songwriting. (We are still waiting to here if they received a callback.)

I wish I could relay the sights and sounds of General Council. It is such an experience. Here are a few thoughts:
.....walking through the crowded skywalks as people are scurrying to go to business sessions, fine arts, youth convention, or a shopping break at the mall.
..... the sense of belonging and pride one gets each time you see the masses - and they all have the AG nametag on!
...... on the other hand, a sense of AAAAHHHHHH!!! when you see many of our fellow AGers looking very much like the world..... (aka - not enough clothing.....)
...... the feeling of great joy witnessing the very first African American elected to our Executive offices! The standing ovation was resounding! Then, Bro. Zollie Smith gave one of the most exciting and exhilerating acceptance speeches I have ever heard!
...... hearing the cheers and excitement as Fine Arts participants learned they advanced to the next round.
...... watching with such pride as our own youth presented themselves with great character and a sense of unity.
...... knowing that our own youth are in the capable hands of Pastor Tommy and Sis. Cheryl.
...... sitting in a worship service with thousands upon thousands of fellow Assembly of God believers, hands lifter in adoration of our Lord and Savior!
...... feeling the presence of God so powerfully in an arena filled with brothers and sisters in the Lord thinking "this is nothing compared to what heaven will be like".

Please join me Sunday in service as I preach Sunday morning and Sunday evening a message from Revelation 3 entitled "Strengthen that which Remains". I look forward to seeing each of you!

Rejoicing and Spinning!
Pastor Rusty and Dorinda