Sunday, July 15, 2007

Finally, Pictures!

Our team today on the much deserved R&R day. This picture was taken outside the restaurant where we ate lunch.

Okay, it is already Sunday morning - early I might add - but I am determined to get these pictures on the blog!

The picture below is of our work site in Autunkia which is about 20 minutes from where our hotel is in Ibarra. Notice the pile of rocks. We moved 3 piles of these by wheel barrel and laid them on the foundation. We will pour concrete over these on Monday.

This is a picture of part of the hotel where we are staying.

I believe this is a view from where we are working on the new church. They have a beautiful view. That is snow on the mountain. Even though it looks like lava - it is not. The sun must be shining on it.

Today we went to the world famous Otavala Craft Market. There were people there from many countries and we heard lots of different languages.

This lady was a beggar in the market. She was walking around to our group with her hands out. I asked her if I could take her picture and she let me for a dollar.

My new hat I bought at the leather market.
This evening, Bro. Phil Barber and I left for Quito, where we picked up the rest of our team. Susan Madison and Roger and Jennifer Woolbright flew in tonight from Memphis. They will be in service with us in Quito. Then tomorrow afternoon we will join the rest of our team for another service in Autunkia.

This has been an amazing trip. On other missions trips we have worked on existing structures and helped with all sorts of construction projects. This is my first trip to walk onto a piece of land that has nothing on it. We are laying a physical foundation of concrete and our pastor friend has been working on laying the spiritual foundation. Other teams will come in and build on what we have started.

You see, he and I aren't so different. We are just from different backgrounds and have different resources. But our Source is the same! Our goal is the same - to build up the body of Christ and lay a solid foundation of God's Word in the hearts of the hearers. On this trip our team is laying the physical foundation. I am honored to be able to help out a fellow pastor and his congregation!

There is much more I would like to share with you, but if you notice the time, it is extremely late. I have had some issues with posting the pictures. Hopefully Dorinda will be able to get the rest of the pictures on here tomorrow for me. We are using modern technology to its extent getting this thing working.

I have asked God to give you a mighty outpouring of His Spirit in your services on Sunday. Please pray for Pastor Clayton and I as we share His Word with the body of Christ in Ecuador.

Rejoicing in this wonderful day,
Pastor Rusty


Tim Burks said...

Great pictures Pastor Rusty. It's good to see everyone's faces. When did Indiana Jones join ya'll? Get an autograph for me, will ya? lol! Yes, I wish I could be there. I hope someday I'll get the opportunity. Be safe and GOD bless!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Pastor Rusty and Missions Team! I am glad you were able to enjoy a day of R&R. Thank you for the photo's! It looks like you are laying a true Cornerstone for that community. I think it will be amazing to watch how God blesses your labor, love, and faithfulness. Wish I was there to help! You are all in my prayers.


Anonymous said...

Hope all is well! Your view of the mountains is beautiful! Hope everyone is doing well...Nana & Pops (Jeri & Bob) don't work too hard! Take care of yourself! See ya soon!

Mike, Julie and Sydnee Smrt