Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Going through Customs at Ecuador

We are safe and sound in the South American country of Ecuador! Thanks to everyone for your prayers for a safe flight.

As we left Memphis early this morning we ran into some rain that followed us into Atlanta. Landing in Atlanta was a little bumpy, but we managed to make it without using any blue bags. Because of the storm our flight leaving Atlanta was a little delayed.

As we waited in the Atlanta airport everyone got one last bite of American food.

Our layover in Atlanta was about 3 hours. We boarded our plane for Quito around 4pm CST. As we walked onto the plane, I have to admit I was a little nervous. We were going to be flying over the ocean, or the Gulf of Mexico in this thing? It was a smaller plane than I had expected with tight quarters.

Everyone has been excited all day. We are anxious to get to our work city - which by the way I cannot spell, yet. We landed around 9:15pm and headed directly to customs and immigration - which went very smoothly. Here is a picture of the Quito Immigration.

Everyone was tired and making short phone calls as we waited in line.

After making it through customs, we boarded the bus to our hotel.

The weather is great tonight - about 57 degrees and perfect. All together it was about 2 hours from the time we landed until we arrived at our small hotel. We are all very tired and our tiny beds (which are very hard by the way) were a sight for sore eyes!

I think I should add that it is amazing I was able to post anything tonight. As Dorinda walked me through the blogspot options, I messaged back to her that my entire page was in Spanish. Modern technology is wonderful! With some ingenuity and the help of messenger texting, I was able to decipher and change it so I could read it. Bro. Juan should be with us!

We wake up bright and early and head out for our 3 hour bus drive at 8 am. We will arrive at our work sight and begin our first day of construction at around 1 pm tomorrow.

Again, I thank you for your prayers. I know there are many of you who would love to be here with us but can't for one reason or another. When you pray and intercede for the work we are doing here, you are just as much a part of this team as we are.

Well, this tired Arkansas boy is going to bed. And yes - we have checked the beds and no lizards, bugs, or any other creatures! And no mice!

I hope to send you more pictures tomorrow! Don't forget to leave your comments.


Pastor Rusty


Anonymous said...

You all be safe and we'll keep checking in on you. We will keep you supported in prayer as well.

Brett Madison