Monday, July 16, 2007

Prayer Need

Good morning to everyone!
We just received a phone call from Susan Madison in Ecuador to ask everyone to prayer for Stephen Nichols. They believe he needs to have his appendix removed immediately.

We ask that you pray for several things:

God's healing touch for Stephen
The perfect doctor and medical staff for this situation
Wisdom for the doctors in diagnosing and treating Stephen
Proper medical care and sanitary facilities
Quick recovery
Safe and comfortable return travel
Pray against any type of infection
God's perfect will in every situation
Peace for Stephen and his family and the rest of the team
Wisdom for the team leader and missionary on how to best handle the situation

Thank you for your prayers. Also, remember - things like this do not take God by surprise. Anything the enemy means for harm, God has a plan to use it for His ultimate purpose. Stephen is in God's hands and in God's perfect will. Our God will receive Glory for this.

Have a great day!